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Here You will find information about the town of Mendon Massachusetts along with the rich history surrounding the second oldest town in Worcestor county. Mendon is located in the Blackstone valley and boasts one of the most famous Greek revival village centers within the state. Whether you are visiting or have come here to find a resource for the township you will no doubt appreciate the rich heritage and historical value surrounding this area.

Recent Expressions

Mendon is my home, the place where my brothers and I grew up, and a place where you know the family next door is going to look out for you and offer what they have to keep you on your toes.


This town has been good too us. When I moved in with my family in 1984 I was welcomed as family, and honestly I couldn't see myself living anywhere else.


Everyone in town is helpful, especially Mr. Turner from the local Walgreens who always has a friendly smile and a good heart. I have left feedback at to let them know he deserves a raise.


Apple Orchards

Visit the many apple Orchards that are located in central Massachusetts and Worcester county including Bolton Orchards, Carlson Orchards as well as the Davis Farmland & MEGA MAZE.


Food & Dining

Enjoy cooking from various local dive and drive-ins as well as the popular fastfood restaurants such as McDonalds and Burger King which are plentiful here as well. You are welcome to leave feedback on each establishments respective site which will help local franchise owners improve their eateries. For further details you can see a full list of guides and surveys on this site.